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I’m a little bit sad to see color week come to an end. It has been a good exercise in taking photos daily and posting (almost) daily. It has also been a good exercise in paying attention to my surroundings. The kids picked up on it right away and spent a lot of time giving me suggestions. For example:

“What color is tomorrow, Mommy?”


“Ummm (scanning the room), you could take a picture of Joshua’s flashlight!”

“I already did. For red day.”

“Oh. What about these? (holding up some scissors)”

Too bad today’s color wasn’t grey. Grey skies. Lots of rain. A chance of snow. Hello??? It is MAY!

Lack of sun + lack of motivation = Blue mood

Can’t do much about the sun, but I am trying to overcome the lack of motivation. Here are a couple more blue images from my morning as I started a new project:


Despite our vigilance, we’ve still managed to collect some pink paraphernalia with two daughters in the house.

If only there were batteries for this flashlight. It can even glow red.

Hmmm, this looks familiar. Same shot, different fruit.

Given the fact that orange seems to be my current favorite color, you’d think I would have been quicker on the draw with posting. Here’s what I found around the house:

I decided to exclude items that I have knit or sewn lately, as that would have been too much like shooting fish in a barrel.

I was expecting yellow to be a bit of a challenge in and around my house.  So much so that I was pilfering yellow wooden animals from my office to bring home and photograph.  Turns out I didn’t need them.

Clearly the little daffodils failed to heed the message from the weather radio and blossomed despite below freezing temps.  These were planted in fall of ’06 (and didn’t blossom last year), so we were especially surprised to see them.  A very pleasant surprise.