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Finished Sockapalooza Socks:





Pattern: Oblique Openwork from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Superwash Merino Sock from Rio de la Plata in harbor blue

I already talked some about these here, but hadn’t given the specs and a couple folks asked. I am still planning to block these before I send them off. For now, I am trying to think of a couple other goodies to add to my pal’s package. 🙂

I should have my second cabled sock finished before the end of our current trip. I am very happy that I am able to knit in the car and not get car sick. It helped make our drive from Minneapolis to Memphis a little less painful. With three kids in the back, I’ll take any help I can get!



I have officially jumped on the shirring bandwagon. I was totally inspired by Erin‘s dresses and tops.  I am, however, a lot lazier than Erin and, alas, did not end up following her beautiful tutorial. I used fabric that I picked up at Goodwill (6 yards for $3), cut to an approximate length and sewed one seam to make a tube. Hemmed the tube at the top and bottom. Then, with elastic thread in the bobbin, I started to sew a spiral around the tube. This lazy version definitely has its drawbacks, specifically it does not allow for adjusting the gathers. Laziness is a bitch. Oh well, Lizzie seems to like it:

It fits Sarah as a dress, too. I think I will be making more of these soon.

Another spoil from my adventures pilfering Grandma’s sewing bins is this smock.

It is very sweet and the design is brilliant! It is one (rectangular) piece. I am itching to start replicating the design and will happily share via a tutorial (should anyone be interested).

I decided that I needed a new project for World-Wide-Knit-In-Public Day. The lace project is not conversation-friendly.  While a few of us enjoyed a sunny afternoon on the patio at Patrick McGovern’s, I started a cabled sock from this handy-dandy sock book. I am using some KnitPicks Essential sock yarn from my stash and am enjoying the yarn. Straightforward, no frills and soft.

I just finished sewing aprons for my sister and her husband. These will accompany a cookbook as an anniversary present later this month. Even though “Mrs. Perfect” (the Micheal Miller fabric I used) is ironic in any case, I think it is especially so with my sister in mind. Celia would be the first to admit that she is not very domestic. She is a professor of math education with a research focus in Critical Race Theory (your eyes are glazing over now, I can tell).  When she cooks it is more for subsistence than enjoyment.  She is FAR from the 1950’s ideal housewife! (For the record, so am I, but in a tattooed feminist who likes to cook, sew, and knit kind of way.)  I am very amused by my gift, I just hope they will be too!

When I cast on for the Kimono Lace Shawl, I was using the only 24 inch U.S. 6 needles I had – Addi Turbos. I love these needles. I love how smooth they are, the join, even the heft of them. This is the first fine lace project I’ve knit with them and I quickly understood the demand from lace knitters that Skacel produce something less stumpy. After the first repeat (of 25) I was convinced that the new Addi lace needles might be worth the investment. I called around and found the right size at a LYS and picked them up that evening. Sometimes having the right tool for the job really does make a difference.

Overall, I am loving these needles. The only cons so far stem from my own quirky issues. There is a bit more drag with these needles (a pro for lace knitting), but I am extremely sensitive to the sound of metal scraping metal, so it becomes a con for me. I am also hyper sensitive to the smell of metal, especially brass, on my fingers (so much so that I avoid touching door knobs and keys as much as possible).  Like I said, 100% my own quirky issues.  These issues won’t stop me from spending some quality time working on the shawl tomorrow (world-wide-knit-in-public-day)!

Over a year ago, I made a foolish proposal to the youth group of the church where I am employed as Director of Education. I told them that if they raised:

$500 – I would let them dye my hair the color of their choice

$750 – I would get my nose pierced

$1000 – I would get a tattoo

You might ask, why are those numbers so low? The youth group consisted of 3 kids on the best of days. I figured they would organize a bake sale or something. Ahh, the power of humiliation. A few weeks of announcing the challenge and the money was raised. The next youth group is going to have to work for their fundraisers!


Dyed and pierced (April 2006)


Promise fulfilled.

Time spent waiting for my turn at Leviticus was time well spent on my socks.


Now that the socks are finished (except for blocking), I have started a new shawl. I don’t know what I am more excited about: knitting something out of Folk Shawls or using my ball winder and swift (didn’t take long for me to break down and order one, eh?).