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I am loving the smocket (thanks for sharing Alicia) ! I whipped this outfit out in a day (probably only a couple hours total of cutting and sewing).


Cute, no? When I first saw the pattern here, I thought the ties were cute but I thought I’d prefer buttons. What was I thinking? First of all, buttons are more work. Second of all, I like that it gives a little peek at the contrast fabric.  I obviously made the ties a bit wider and longer than the original.  I might play around with that on the next one.


I see lots of these in the near future. Next time I will remember to sew the pocket on before I sew the two main pieces together.  Since I wanted the pocket but also wanted it reversible, I ended up sewing the pocket on by hand through the opening at the bottom for turning.  I will make some baby bloomers instead of the pants for summer.  Maybe with a ruffle or two in the contrast fabric??  ::hee, hee::

When I showed it to my husband after I finished it, he said, “Wow, that’s cute and it looks easy. That’ll make a great gift.” Gift? Oh, you mean I should be making some for other babies? Yep, I’ll get right on that. Just as soon as I finish the other 4 I had planned for Sarah. 🙂


Started to fold some kids’ clothes this morning and found this:


Bummer. An unfortunate lesson in the need to use fray check or otherwise finish the ends of ribbon on garments. I will need to fortify myself to do some surgery on this little top that I made for Sarah for Christmas.


The ties really never stayed tied though, so maybe this is an opportunity to replace them with something more practical. Velcro? Snaps? Duct tape?

I did have some mild success sewing this afternoon. I have been obsessing about smocks for a while now. The obsession grew when I saw Amanda‘s post back in January . I’ve been on the hunt for a pattern for something similar, but haven’t found the right thing. I finally gathered the nerve, sketched out a pattern, and gave it a go today. By the third try, I think I was getting close.


Close enough, at least. I made good use of some thrifted fabric I got last week. 99 cents well spent. Maybe I’ll work up to using some of the fun fabrics I have purchased recently.

In addition to the 99 cent fabric, I also picked up a vintage apron for me and a dress for Sarah on my thrifting venture. To say the apron is bold is a considerable understatement. I can’t quite decide if it is funky-good or funky-“what the hell were you thinking?”.   What do you think?


The dress for Sarah was a no-brainer for me. I am a sucker for smocking and a Peter Pan collar. Maybe it is the Southerner in me. This one is handmade, right down to the hand-stitched hem. Look at the wee carrots!  It should fit her perfectly for Easter.


Lizzie turned 7 on Monday ::sniff:: and we had a party for her today. In an attempt to steer her away from a Barbie theme for the party, I had suggested a Pippi Longstocking theme. Check out the braids!


The theme turned out to be a bit more difficult to execute than I had thought. A friend suggested we make personalized pancakes a la Pippi and perhaps a scavenger hunt (as she is a “Thing Finder” and all). Not wanting my kitchen to resemble Pippi’s, I opted out of the pancake idea. Brad planned out the scavenger hunt with rhyming clues and hidden treasure (chocolate coins, Swedish fish and candy from China and Japan). It was fun and got them outside a bit. Too bad it didn’t last a little bit longer. We took a quick break for pepparkakor and moved on to Hullabaloo, a little present opening and then enough playtime to finish these:


Yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I used the recipes from The New Best Recipe and was quite pleased with the results. The cupcakes resembled a pound cake in texture and the sour cream added depth to the flavor. The frosting was a whipped ganache (hot cream poured over chopped chocolate and stirred until smooth). Yummy! My only complaint was that the recipe only makes a dozen. I’ll definitely need to make a double batch next time.

After the day of the cleaning, baking, hiding treasure and getting sugar-high kids to bed, I am ready to hit the hay. Just as soon as I finish this row…

A while back, I’d mentioned that I am prone to complaining and that I was trying to be more positive. I’d like to strike that from the record, please. I can’t tell you why, but I’ve been feeling pretty gloomy of late, rather Eeyore-like. It has colored everything I do: parenting, housekeeping, crafting, etc.

I made this the other day.


Springy and bright, right? All I can think is that I should have made the tote, not just embellished a store bought bag. I should have made it and it should be bigger, with pockets and the bird should be different.

I appliqued a t-shirt for Lizzie to go with her skirt. I was going for a mod interpretation of a dandelion (the flowers on the fabric).


Brad walked by and commented, “Lizzie will really like the balloons”. I almost ripped the whole thing out on the spot.

Yesterday was Lizzie’s birthday. I got up early and made pancakes for breakfast before she had to catch the bus at 7 am. After she was on the bus, Brad and I rearranged her room (her and Joshua’s room, really) to create a reading nook for her. It turned out well and she was really surprised and excited about it when she got home from school.


I splurged the other day and ordered Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing from Amazon.  I just checked and it is supposedly “out for delivery”.  Maybe getting that will help brighten my day a bit.

Recently, I’ve been craving a variety of English fare. I blame Charlie and Lola. All their talk of “yummy biscuits” has dug up some long-buried comfort food cravings from my childhood. My family spent a year living in Aberdeen, Scotland while my dad taught at the university there. I was pretty wee and have very few memories of our time there, most of which are heavily influenced by my parents’ and sister’s recollections. Food, however, is another story. I have strong food memories of dipping toasty soldiers in gooey egg yolk, the mildly sweet and wheaty taste and texture of digestive biscuits, and the texture of a real scone.

Our outing to World Market yesterday turned out to be a one-stop shop. I found egg cups (a necessity for soft-boiled eggs) and digestives. Darn if I only saw the digestives that are half dipped in chocolate.

With Lizzie and Joshua at school and the babe taking a nap, I was able to enjoy my egg and toast,



followed by tea and biscuits.



Hmmm, maybe we should have bangers and mash for dinner.

Too much, Charlie and Lola, I tell you.  This morning, Joshua was saying something to Brad and stopped to comment to himself, “hey, I said that like Charlie”.   Funny.

I heart Superbuzzy, originally uploaded by rouxhauser.

I am really having a hard time resisting the temptation to go order more from Superbuzzy RIGHT NOW! First of all, how cute are the elephant fabric and hedgehog trim? Pretty darn cute, considering the elephant fabric has apparently sold out already. Second of all, the turn around on the order was amazing – order placed Friday, shipped on Saturday, arrived on Monday. All that, plus a cute pencil and a sweet. Mariko and Kelly might have to apologize to my husband (and our collective wallet) for starting a business that is tailored specifically to my “needs”. 😉

Knit Night, originally uploaded by rouxhauser.

I found this photo after my grandmother passed away a few years ago. My grandma is the one of the far right. I never knew that she knit. Honestly, looking at this photo and the expressions on these women’s faces, this may have been their one and only attempt. Who knows. In addition to this photo, I found a little wooden box with knitting needles, a crochet hook, a couple of half-completed doilies and some yarn. I was just teaching myself to knit when I found these small treasures that connect me to a previously unknown piece of my grandmother’s past. Since then, I have happily used my grandmother’s needles and crochet hook while becoming a most enthusiastic knitter. I wonder if my grandchildren will someday find a similar picture of Knit Night with my good friends?