I’m a little bit sad to see color week come to an end. It has been a good exercise in taking photos daily and posting (almost) daily. It has also been a good exercise in paying attention to my surroundings. The kids picked up on it right away and spent a lot of time giving me suggestions. For example:

“What color is tomorrow, Mommy?”


“Ummm (scanning the room), you could take a picture of Joshua’s flashlight!”

“I already did. For red day.”

“Oh. What about these? (holding up some scissors)”

Too bad today’s color wasn’t grey. Grey skies. Lots of rain. A chance of snow. Hello??? It is MAY!

Lack of sun + lack of motivation = Blue mood

Can’t do much about the sun, but I am trying to overcome the lack of motivation. Here are a couple more blue images from my morning as I started a new project: