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Looking in my knitting basket for a project to take with me to church, all I found was the shawl (too much concentration required) and the second baby sock ready to turn the heel (requires the book, because I don’t have that part memorized). Instead, I cast on a k2, p2 rib hat for my husband. All set for some mindless knitting during the service.

Yes, I knit during church. You gotta problem with that? I’m sure many find it wildly inappropriate and some may even be offended (especially given the fact that I’m employed by the church). Despite what others may think, it works for me. I have actually found that I take in more of the sermon while knitting than I do otherwise. If I’m not knitting and my husband is holding Sarah, my mind starts to wander and I end up composing a grocery list or to-do list for work. ( If I’m holding Sarah, I am usually distracted by her 4 month old cuteness.) There is something about the rhythm of knitting that soothes me, it is quite meditative. Perhaps it is more mindful than mindless.

I really need to start making a list before I go to Joann’s. I have a tendency to require multiple trips to the store for a single (supposedly simple) project. One trip for the pattern. Another for the fabric, because I am indecisive. A third for the notions, because I’ve taken so long to decide on the fabric, I don’t remember to go get the thread, elastic, buttons, etc. I am currently in need of trip #3 to get elastic for a skirt for Lizzie and pajama pants for Joshua. Maybe I should think ahead to my next project and get everything I need at one time. Maybe, but I doubt it.


Last December (2005) I bought myself some Malabrigo and the book Hip Knit Hats for the purpose of making myself this hat.


It knit up quickly and I was most anxious to felt it. While I was felting the hat, I got a phone call. I wish I had the excuse that I was a novice to felting. Nope, just an idiot. I ran up and got the phone, chatted with my friend and went back down to find my hat was now more of a fez. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I used a skein of Lopi from my stash and knit the hat again. You can tell I was a little gun shy with the felting this time, because it is still rather large on me.


The fez sat in my projects-gone-awry basket for over a year until a couple weeks ago when I had the courage to cut into it.


First I made this,


then I made this.


I might have to return to the projects-gone-awry basket to see what else I can deconstruct.

While I was making the second flower (based on Betz White‘s fun tutorial), my four- year-old son came up and started to study it. He asked if I was making broccoli. While his older sister scoffed, I pulled out some green felt and made him this.


 I think I’ll be making more of these (yes, I will bother to change the thread to match the felt next time).  Wonder what other veggies I can make with felt?

Just got back from the library, where I picked up copies of Denyse Schmidt Quilts: 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects and Handknit Holidays. Beautiful books filled with enticing projects and designs. Oh to have a collection of my own! I’m glad I can borrow them from the library, but it’s just not the same as owning them. I must admit, I experienced a rather large pang of jealousy as I flipped through my friends’ new books the other night. Given our current state of severe underemployment, I have little choice but to be content with the library’s collection. Some might frown upon my offer to exchange a child for a couple of gorgeous craft books, eh? I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of an order of my first Japanese craft books from YesAsia (Christmas money is a good thing).

Finished the first of Sarah’s new socks. I used one of the patterns from Sensational Knitted Socks (another book I LOVE). The patterns in the book are infinitely adaptable, but I think I adapted a little too much, because this sock looks funny.

Sarah’s sock

The leg is long and the foot is short and stout. I did make the leg long intentionally, with the hope that it would stay on better. No such luck. She is still able to kick that sucker off in no time. Maybe I’ll try some elastic through the cuff. At least I can say that second sock syndrome isn’t nearly as bad with her socks as they were with Brad’s.


The first pair of socks I knit for Sarah were completed shortly before she was born.


They were knit while waiting through countless doctor’s appointments. Throughout the majority of this pregnancy, I had hypertension. Toward the end of the pregnancy, the midwives started to express some concern and had me consult with the OB practice in the same clinic. It was decided that I should switch to the OBs so they could keep a close eye on the blood pressure and decide what needed to be done next. As it turned out, I was admitted to the hospital at 35 weeks 4 days. After three days of a failed induction, I ended up with a C-section. Through the three days of induction I lay in the hospital in a bed, being pumped full of various drugs, holding on to these little socks and picturing the sweet face of my babe. I don’t recommend the process, but the end result has been pretty great! The socks were a big hit with the nurses as they came around to check on my sweet Sarah.


Ask me if I think I am original, I would answer “no”. Ask me if I think I am creative, now that’s a different story. Creative, as in compelled to create things. I believe everyone is creative. I happen to create things out of yarn, fabric, paper, etc. My husband creates with words, musical instruments and geographic information (he makes some pretty cool maps!). My kids create with anything they can get their hands on and even that which they cannot. I am drawn to creativity through crafts, I always have been. I am amazed and overwhelmed by the talent and originality of the likes of Alicia, Sarah, Heather, Stephanie, and so many more.

I am inspired by all the beautiful things they are creating. I may not think myself original, but I’ll definitely continue to be creative, as long as there is such inspiration out there.

I’m in need of some quiet. The wee one is finally taking a nap. It has been punctuated by her snuffles, sniffles and occasional whimpers. Poor congested babe. Joshua is being his usual active self. Lizzie seems to have picked up a bad attitude that she can’t shake. I knew that I would be subjected to the sassy backtalk and eye-rolling when she entered adolescence and even her “tween” years. I really didn’t expect this so soon. Perhaps I failed to read the fine print on this parenting thing.

My carrot-on-the-stick is going to knit with Abby and Sarah tonight. Now that I FINALLY finished the bubby’s socks (why I decided to knit socks for a man who wears a size 13, I will never know), perhaps I will return to my leaf lace shawl. I’m just hoping I can figure out where I am in the pattern.

Leaf Lace Shawl