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It all started with the idea for the sunflower. With the math curse still going strong, I ended up with spirograph on the brain. You should see my sketchbook. Pages upon pages of spirographs. Although I had printed enough sunflowers for the swap, I decided to print some spirograph cards, too.

Great in theory. Not as great in practice. I filled an 8.5 x 11 page with spiros and placed that randomly on the mat to burn the screen. I realized I had some problems once I started printing. First of all, my cards were already cut to 5.5 x 8.5, which made the print orientation awkward. As a result, I had issues with ink pooling at the edges of the card. I also noticed that the screen didn’t burn completely. Argh.

After an extended argument with my inner-perfectionist, I decided to go ahead and send them. (Note the fact that I didn’t photograph the really bad ones.)

Now that my cards are out the door and on their way, I have my sights set on a couple other gocco projects. Someday, it’s rightful owner is going to reclaim it. I need to make good use of it while I can! I also have a couple linoleum blocks I want to carve. Then there is the new, irrational NEED to try screenprinting. It is safe to say that the blame rests squarely on Lotta and Lena‘s shoulders.  Damn them and their inspiring books!