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Well, I may not have decided what to do with the kokeshi fabric, but at least 3 of the other fabrics in the stack have been put to good use. After reading Amanda rave about this pattern, I decided to give it a shot. I was especially convinced after picking it up from Joann’s on sale for $1.99. The fabric is a breezy, lightweight cotton – perfect for the oppressive heat we are being treated to this week.


I have been meaning to send a little thank you gift to my friend’s parents. Although they were not there to host us in person, they were gracious enough to allow my friend to invite us to spend the week of the 4th at their home on Mackinac Island (a stunning locale). There were 4 families (8 adults and 8 kids) and we had a fabulous time. Nothing seems to adequately match our appreciation, but I figured at least these are handmade.  Bet you can’t guess where I got my inspiration?


I picked up some upholstery fabric for a couple home projects that are long overdue. I need to recover my dining room chairs. NEED! It is getting pretty dire. They are completely stained and worn through in several places. Life and my children have been very hard on these chairs in the 3 years since I recovered them last. I picked up some microsuede that happens to match our sofa. I also got some remnants to make throw pillows for the sofa (it needs a little color).  I am excited about the colors, but am hesitant to make something that I can’t just toss in the washer.  At least they were remnants (read: deeply discounted).


It is almost time to send off my Sockapalooza package, which means I really need to block the socks. There are a couple other goodies that I want to include, too. I better get hopping. Fun, fun, fun!


I made something!  Well, I’ve slowly started to crawl out of the rut. Lizzie was invited to yet another birthday party last weekend. The previous several parties she attended were immediately preceded by mad-dash trips to Creative Kidstuff or the like. This time, I decided that we could plan ahead and I could make something (quite a concept, don’t you think?). Nothing elaborate, but I was pleased with the results:


Before I made anything, I asked Lizzie if she thought her friend would like a skirt and shirt like the ones I had made for her. “Sure. (long pause) Are you going to make them for her?” Yes. “WOW, that’s really nice!” I don’t know if her friend appreciated it, but Lizzie seemed to.

After a Harry Potter-induced crafting hiatus, I am back to the sewing machine with a new stack of fabric.


I have yet to decide what I’ll do with the kokeshi fabric (top of the stack), but I could not leave the store without it. Sarah kept playing with it and “talking” to it. Her infatuation with the fabric was quite amusing to all present in the store.

Feeling a huge weight on my shoulders lately.  I am stressed out about work.  Stressed out about finding childcare so I can work.  Stressed out about the state of my house…

You get the picture.  Usually, I find great solace in creating handmade things.  Lately, I just haven’t had the energy to make much.  There is so much to be inspired by, but the Little Miss Negative voice just keeps muttering, “Look at that, that’s awesome!  You could never make anything that great.”  ::sigh::