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I don’t know about you, but it is so easy for me to buckle under the perceived weight of my everyday life. Kids, work, food, sleep. Repeat. I’ve allowed myself to create a world view so limited, that I can’t see beyond the tip of my own nose. It’s definitely time to refocus.

As I lift my gaze out into the world, I remember why I let myself become so short-sighted. Trying to live compassionately in a world of such heartbreak can be nearly incapacitating. What do I do when I don’t know what else to do? Pick up my needles and knit. This time I’m knitting for others.

Vests for afghans for Afghans. I’m trying to finish 3 by the March 1 deadline. A super fast and easy knit with bulky yarn from the stash.

I admit that it feels good to make something for someone in need, but my own warm fuzzy feeling isn’t really the point. An act of compassion or charity doesn’t change the situation for the long term. I wanted to look beyond the end of my nose, right? So, why is there so much need? What are we doing to bring about real change?

Sigh. It’s big and complicated. I’m trying to learn more and figuring out ways I can lend my voice to the voiceless. Meanwhile, I will remember to acknowledge my multitude of blessings and try to be a blessing to others. And when in doubt, I’ll keep knitting for good.