Over the past few weeks, I’ve been eying peoplesnotepad projects with increasing interest. A useful and simple gift with endless possibilities for personalization. Originally, when I decided I would make some notepads for teacher gifts, I was thinking I would gocco the cover and upcycle some random office paper for the interior. I was going to use a variety, including plain, lined and quad rule.

Then I stumbled upon a goldmine of scratch pad paper. Literally. I kept tripping over a box of the kids’ old schoolwork. When I finally sat down to sort and purge, I realized how much of it was single-sided copies. As I grumbled about the waste of paper, I had a little light bulb moment.

I used the kids’ old papers for the interior and cut up an old calendar with Hiroshige prints for the cover. Some quality time with the papercutter, a little padding compound and voila!

Here you go, teachers, jot away!

I think I salvaged at least 3 reams of paper (and recycled even more). I have a nagging feeling that there is more lurking somewhere. (Un)fortunately, there’s little risk of me running out of scratch pad materials any time soon.