A couple months ago I started knitting a ruffled dress for Baby Girl.  The ruffle was HUGE!  It was ridiculous.  After far more time and yarn than I care to admit, I ripped it out and started a different pattern.  A simple tank top.  A few inches into that one, I decided I didn’t like it and frogged again.  At this point, the ladies at knitting group were getting a good chuckle.

Per my knitting guru‘s advice, I started Monica (Knitty Spring 2007).  The only alterations I made were that I knit it in the round and made i-cord straps, instead of the garter straps the pattern called for.  I was a little careless in my translating from knitting flat to knitting in the round and didn’t notice the bottom of the ruffle was supposed to have a few rows of garter.  Damn.  It rolls.  It is  annoying, but I am going to ignore it as best I can.  I am not frogging again.   Do you hear that inner perfectionist?!?  I. AM. NOT. FROGGING. AGAIN.