A couple friends mentioned making pickles recently and I just could not shake the idea.  Despite the fact that we are off on a 2000+ mile adventure soon, I insisted on going to the farmer’s market on Saturday to get cucumbers.  Must.  Make.  Pickles.

A lot of people I know would turn their noses up at the thought of bread and butter pickles.  Sweet pickles?  No way.  Pickles should be dill and garlicky.  I love a good dill pickle, but the sweet and tangy bite of a bread and butter pickle takes me back to my grandma’s kitchen in East Texas.


Not having my grandma’s recipe, I used the recipe in Ball’s Blue Book.  The smell alone took me back 30 years.  I canned two quarts and they are supposed to “ripen” for a couple weeks before we use them.  There were a few that didn’t fit, so I had a chance to taste test.  Who needs a time machine, when you have a pickle?

For you dill pickle aficionados, never fear, the vinegar has been replenished and the other 5 pounds of cukes are all queued up with their buddies dill and garlic.