Skirts are an essential in my summer wardrobe.  The other day, I was wearing one that I made a few years ago.  It is a simple bias cut a-line, made from fabric I brought back from Hawaii.  Since it was sewn for a pre-baby #3 body shape, I decided I could use another similar skirt with a little added room around the waist.  I pulled out the pattern pieces and made some adjustments.  I’m sure my method of alteration was not the recommended way, but it seems to have worked.

As much as I love my skirts, I have noticed a severe deficit of pockets in the skirts I own.  I decided to add some in-seam pockets to my new skirt.  Here’s where I really went off the map.  I drafted a piece that seemed okay and added the appropriate seam allowance.  After sewing one side, I realized that the pockets weren’t deep enough.  Hello, seam ripper!  I have a love-hate relationship with my seam ripper.  Love that I have it.  Hate how often I use it.

Anyway, I was about to throw in the towel and sew it up without pockets, but girded my loins and tried again.  Success!  Next time, I might research the proper way to do in-seam pockets, since mine seem a little bulky.  Regardless of the bulk, I do love having pockets.


As for the hem, I took a cue from Liesl‘s Lazy Days skirt pattern.  Instead of ribbon, I used a wide, single fold bias tape.  Makes for a far more even and cleaner hem than I tend to get by measuring and ironing and measuring and ironing.


I’m guessing there are more of these in my near future.