I am typically a pretty monogamous knitter.  One project on the needles until it is finished.  Every once in a while I get stuck and that project gets tucked into my basket to languish.  I knew there was a sweater for the Big Girl buried deep in the basket.  I hadn’t looked at it for at least a year and was figuring I’d rip it out and find another use for the yarn.  I’m not certain it will even fit her at this point.  Nevertheless, during my recent hunt for a project, I  rescued it from the depths and discovered  I was farther along than I remembered.  Just have the sleeves and button bands to knit.  Since I can’t remember the reason I put it aside, I decided to finish it.  Baby Girl can wear it in a couple years.   I will not let this UFO (unfinished object) taunt me any longer.


I grabbed the sweater, the pattern and my DPN roll and figured I was good to go.  Have you seen my DPN collection?


I have every size from 0 to 13.  Or so I thought.  Turns out, the one size I am missing is the size called for in the pattern.  Hmmm, maybe that’s why I put it aside in the first place.

My first instinct was to run to my favorite yarn shop and buy the missing needles.  I stopped myself and channeled my cheap frugal hubby.  At first I tried the Magic Loop method with a relatively long size 9 circular.  Then I remembered my Denise interchangeable set and decided two circulars would suit me better.  At least until I break down and go fill in the gap in my needle roll.