For Mother’s Day two years ago, Abby and I ditched the families and went to Shepherd’s Harvest Festival. (There is no rule that says a mother needs to spend the whole of Mother’s Day with her children, is there?)

So much fiber. So little money. I resisted so much beautiful yarn. Really. You should be impressed. Alas, I couldn’t leave empty-handed. That would be rude.  I came home with a hank of lace weight suri alpaca from Little Gidding Farm.  Given how much time I stood at the booth fondling all the hanks, I felt it was the right thing to do.

I pondered what to knit with it, but eventually the hank found a home in my bin o’ yarn.  It was pulled out, petted and admired on more than one occasion, but I was saving it.  Saving it for what?  Apparently, I was saving it for inspiration.

Last week, I met friends for tea and knitting, but showed up with nothing to knit.  The two women I was with stared at me uncomprehendingly when I said I didn’t have anything in the queue.  In an attempt to jump-start my knitting mojo, I spent some time on Ravelry and came up with a couple potential projects.  Unfortunately, I am woefully short on money to purchase yarn for those projects.

Plan B:  survey what I own.  I went digging through my stash.  Mind you, the bulk of my stash is leftovers from completed projects.  Single skeins.   Partial skeins.  Two, at the most.  Eventually, I pulled out the lovely hank of alpaca and *voila* I was inspired.


The pattern:  Easy Flame Lace Scarf from Knit and Tonic

The pattern is very easy to remember and I can even knit and talk at the same time.  Very important for future knitting with friends.