We brought our new babies home today – all 6 of them.


The children (and adults) have been enraptured ever since.

They were delivered to us at church this morning by a friend who placed the order.  We showed them (in their box) to the children during the children’s sermon, which was a pitch for Heifer International.  As I carried them into the sanctuary,  Baby Girl came in behind me and yelled, “Look at my baby chickens!”   After the children’s sermon, the Boy took the opportunity to declare to the whole church, “And L. is going to clean out the poop!”  Nothing that a 6 year old boy needs more than another chance to talk about poop.

Once we got them home and settled into their (temporary) new space, we all sat around watching them.  It was difficult pulling everyone away long enough to sit down and eat lunch (after a thorough handwashing, of course).  A few minutes into lunch, a couple of the chicks started cheeping, to which Baby Girl replied, “my chickies want me to come over”.


The Boy wanted to be sure the chicks had a proper introduction to music.  His first question was, “Can I put on some music so the chicks can dance?”  Later, when he noticed them getting sleepy, he rushed to the stereo to turn on mellow music.  “Look, I think the music is helping them sleep”.


We spent quite a bit of time trying to identify which breeds we have.  They came in an “brown egg layer mix” so it is a bit of a grab bag.  As they get bigger and feather out more, we should have a better idea if our guesses are right.

The coop build is scheduled for next weekend, but they won’t move in for several weeks.

Tomorrow, I’ll turn the heat lamp off for a few minutes and try to get some photos that aren’t tinted red.  But for now, you’ll have to excuse me.  I have some babies to go admire.