Several years ago, we were introduced to a truly unforgettable dessert.  Let’s call it a twist on a classic.

After enjoying a lovely dinner, we were relaxing and readying ourselves for dessert.  Our friends, Chas and Amanda, proceeded to bring out a package of Peeps.   Now, I love candy far more than the average person, but I was ready to take a pass.  But, with little marshmallow chicks and skewers in hand, our hosts directed us to the fire pit.  At this point, I’m sure hubby and I looked somewhat befuddled.




We were skeptical, but the result had us convinced.  A slightly crisp, caramelized exterior and a soft and gooey interior.  It is a fine use of the Easter treat that typically lingers at the bottom of the basket, pushed aside in favor of the chocolate bunny or jelly beans.  As Chas put it, “they are the creme brulee of marshmallows”.

Time to scope out post-holiday sales and stock up for camping season.