We just returned from a 10 day road trip to and from Memphis.  Five of us in the car for roughly 32 hours (round trip) and we all survived.  It is truly the season of miracles.

On the way south, we stopped at a rest area near Cairo, IL.  Say what you will about Illinois, they do have nice rest areas.  Whoever suggested building playgrounds at the rest areas should be given a raise.

As we herded children in to use the facilities, I commented to Brad that I was having trouble remembering the last time I was outside in a short sleeve shirt.  A couple steps later we both stopped dead in our tracks.  “Do you smell that?”  A lovely floral scent was wafting from the trees nearby.


You have no idea how powerful the sight and smell of blossoms can be until you’ve been deprived of anything resembling living flora for 6 months.  Without the chance to watch the gradual greening and budding, it was all the more surprising and delightful.


It gives me hope that spring is really here to stay and we’ll see our own drab environs turn green and bloom soon(ish).