After finishing Mr. Greenjeans, a project that took longer than I expected, I was looking for a quick knit.  With an eye toward spring, I found a pattern and picked up some yarn.  The pattern is Girl’s Cap Sleeve Spring Shirt (available here).  Knit with Fantasy Naturale.  The pattern is simple, clever and quick.  From yarn purchase to bind off was less than a week.


There are several ways I can envision playing around with the pattern to add decorative elements, but for this time around I knit it as written.  Well, almost.  Since I had a fair amount of yarn left of the second skein, but not really enough to do much else with, I made it a bit longer.  Per Sarah‘s recommendation, I added a few increases to give it more of an a-line shape.  I plan to make a pair of bloomers to go with it in later spring and summer.  For now, she’ll wear it over a long-sleeve shirt and pants.  It may be spring according to the calendar, but we are in Minnesota, after all.