When Erin and Blair announced the Kids ATC Swap, I signed up immediately.  On behalf of my children, of course.  As Valentine’s Day approached, I remembered that crafting with my children stresses me out.  It’s just that we often have divergent opinions about what the end result should look like.  Ok, fine.  I’m a bit of a control freak.  Good Lord, what had I done?

It was another lesson in letting go.  I gave them the cards, set out a small selection of new supplies and kept my distance.  They loved the array of colors of the oil pastels.  They had fun with the crayon resist technique.  The Dong-A Creamy Crayons were a big hit.  Unfortunately, they didn’t learn quickly enough that you should use a very light hand with those.  The cards they made with those have a very thick layer of color.  In fact, I’m still wiping up a trail of red from a chunk that adhered to someone’s sock.  Good thing they are washable.

The results?  Even I can’t argue with these:



Sarah isn’t old enough to participate in the swap, but she sure loved making her own cards.


I was able to keep my hands off the cards.  At least until it was time to mail them.


I packaged them in glassine envelopes with a seal.  The cards are 100% kid-made.  The packaging is my little fingerprint.  In case you are wondering, I didn’t let the kids put the stickers on.  The stickers needed to be in the right place.

There are limits to my ability to let go.