Oops.  I forgot to announce the winner of the shameless ploy:  #7 Sarah (Lewis)!  Don’t start checking the mail just yet.  I have a couple ideas that I need to hammer out first.  I think you’ll like it.

My days have been filled with lots of non-crafty things lately.  Work.  Reading.  Exercising.  Baking.  Chickens.

What?  You don’t think about chickens?  We have been talking about getting chickens for well over a year.  Now, it’s serious.  A friend is placing her order for chicks and we have claimed 6 of them.  Meanwhile, we need to get our permit process going (including getting signatures from neighbors) and get the coop built.  Just a couple minor details.


A couple of weeks ago, I tried the Light Wheat Bread from Smitten Kitchen and now we are hooked.  We’d been making no-knead bread for so long, that it was kind of an adjustment.  You mean I have to knead this?  I’ve decided that kneading bread dough for 10 minutes can count as exercise.  It makes such a lovely (and tasty) loaf of bread that it has become our standard sandwich bread.


Although progress on Mr. Greenjeans feels slow, I did start on the first sleeve the other day.  Good thing we’ve got plenty of winter left around these parts.  Definitely enough time to finish and use a new sweater.