I am currently fighting my way out of a post-Christmas creativity slump. I foolishly jumped on the 365 photo a day bandwagon. Taking a photo a day is usually not my problem. No, the problem is taking at least one photo a day that isn’t total crap. I’ve already missed a day due to the fact that I was traveling to California for a funeral. Only 331 days to go. Fabulous.

Despite the lack of craft mojo, I did cast on for a new sweater recently. With a gift certificate I’d received for Christmas burning a hole in my pocket, I got myself over to Borealis to pick out yarn for Mr. Greenjeans. I was seriously considering another FLS, but decided to try something different. I was planning to splurge, but the yarn that called to me was Cascade 220. It may seem dull, but I can’t argue with getting enough yarn for a sweater and having money leftover. I was making decent progress until I realized that I wasn’t following the cable pattern correctly. So yesterday I went from this:


to this:


With surprisingly little angst, I just yanked the needles out and started to unravel. Must be a sign that I’m maturing as a knitter that I can do that without panicking. It’s all back on the needles and I’m back in the saddle.  I guess sometimes it is a good idea to read the pattern.

Lest we forget, January 20, 2009 was a truly historic day in America. The 2nd anniversary of my blog, of course! Leave a comment before President’s Day (February 16th) and I’ll draw a name or two for a little gift.