Brad took Sarah to daycare on his way to work, so the bigs and I could go vote.  We walked the two blocks to our polling place and took our place in line.  I’m guessing there were nearly 100 people there when we arrived at 8:30.  Sounds like the line was even longer at 7am.  It took about 45 minutes of waiting, but the kids were great and I even got a little knitting done.  The kids got to cast their own ballots and were eager participants in this exercise in civic duty.  I’m pretty sure Joshua just voted for president and skipped the rest of the ballot.  Brad assured me that there are plenty of adults who do the same thing.

Sarah is obviously not old enough for Kids Vote, but she knows her pick for prez, too.  She joined me the other day as I watched a clip of Barack Obama on The Daily Show.  When it was over she said, “more!  brack omama”.

My sentiments exactly.