Apparently, I had a serious case of first sock syndrome. Poor, long-suffering hubby has been waiting patiently for new wool socks for months. Luckily summer fell in the middle of that period and he didn’t need wool socks. Not even in Minnesota.

I cast on last winter and got just beyond the heel before I set it aside. Knitting the required length for the foot was more than I could deal with. He wears a size 13 shoe. His foot is literally a foot. Maybe it was our recent camping trip and the need for wool socks that prompted me to revisit the sock on the needles. I powered through and finished the first sock.   I’ve even gotten a good start on the second. I’m in the middle of the gusset decrease. Let’s hope that I don’t stall out before the end this time.  It’s getting to be wool sock weather around here!

Last night, I made apple crisp for dessert. I followed Erin‘s lead and used Ina’s recipe. So yummy! It was hard for me to resist having some for breakfast this morning. The only thing stopping me was that fact that my children would want some too and I didn’t want to share.

Between the apple butter (btw, here’s the recipe), crisp and each family member eating multiple per day, we have officially finished our haul from apple picking. I am kind of disappointed that they are gone. I didn’t make a pie. Or applesauce. Surely, we need another crisp soon. Guess I’ll have to get a couple bags from the co-op. There is more cooking with apples to be done!