Sarah’s language acquisition has taken a slightly different trajectory than her sister’s did.  (What was that about being a third child?)  When Lizzie was Sarah’s age, we made her language development into a party trick.  “Say, ‘epistemology'”.   What can I say?  We are geeks.

With Sarah, it is not hard to see who has the most influence on her language and it isn’t her over-educated parents.

  • Whenever she sees something related to Star Wars, she yells “Obi!”  (as in Obi Wan Kenobi).
  • What child can resist talking about poopy diapers, especially when it makes big brother laugh hysterically?
  • She has been known to refer to a person as “guy” or “dude”.

And then there is Lizzie.  She’s moved far beyond parroting our 10 cent words.  How do you respond to questions like these?

  • “Isn’t sex a bad word?”
  • “What is the difference between Methodists and other churches?”
  • “Everyone can go to heaven, unless they killed someone, right?”
  • “What about if someone commits suicide?”

Most of these left me sputtering and incomprehensible.  (You might have thought someone asked me what newspapers I read on a regular basis.)

Anyone have a copy of the parenting handbook?  I think I could use some backup here!