Sometimes, it seems like the third child really gets the short end of the stick.  All the things we were so careful and meticulous about with #1 have long since been relegated to the back burner with #3.  For example:

Staring solids:

  • Lizzie started solids on the day she turned 5 months old.  I took nearly a full roll of film’s worth of pictures.
  • Sarah started solids sometime before she turned 1 year.  When?  Couldn’t tell you.  I did take a couple of pictures.  If I could find those, I’m sure I could tell you when it was.


  • I could tell you how old Lizzie was in months until she turned two.  Without missing a beat.
  • I’m lucky if I can tell you Sarah’s birth date without stammering.

Well Child Check Ups:

  • I kept careful records of when Lizzie’s appointments should be, which immunizations she’d had and the various percentiles in which she fell by height, weight, etc.
  • Turns out, not only did I forget an appointment for Sarah’s immunizations, I forgot two of them.  Doh!

Although Sarah has definitely suffered the fate of 3rd child syndrome, there do seem to be advantages to being #3.  After years of accumulating enough toys, puzzles, books and games to fill a store, I have learned to be more prescriptive when it comes to gifts from family.   I’m trying to be more intentional about what comes into our house.  I think about where it comes from, how it is made, how long it will be used and where it will live in our wee, little house.  Some might question my sanity, with all the thought and research that goes into gifts for a two year old.  I will defend myself and argue that the results are quite lovely.

I’ve been wanting Sarah to have Waldorf doll for a while.  I was planning to make her one.  I had priced kits and even considered signing up for a class.  Then, reality set in.  With relatives asking what they could get for her birthday, I let go a little and decided that a doll lovingly made by someone else would be just as good, if not better, than one made by me.

I’m sure I read about The Q’ewar Project somewhere in the craft blogosphere.  Between the mission of the project, the fact that they are made by hand and the wonderful materials that are used, I was 100% convinced.  The turn around from Tiny Bird Organics was amazing.  The doll is also amazing.  The body is stuffed with wool and is dense, with a nice heft to it.  The outer clothes are all handspun, handknit alpaca.  As Lizzie said repeatedly, “she’s beautiful”.

The best part about the doll?  Sarah loves her!  She opened up the package last night after dinner and said, “wow, da-wee”.  She then spent the better part of the night undressing, dressing and cuddling her.   Sarah went to sleep holding her new “da-wee”.  This morning, Lizzie brought up her doll bed from the basement, so Sarah has been very busy tucking da-wee into bed.  She’s also made sure all of her favorite books have been read to da-wee.  So very, very sweet!

See, being #3 isn’t all that bad.