In an unprecedented show of deference to the conventions of knitting, I actually did a gauge swatch today.

Not just one, I knit two.  Possibly more shocking than the swatch itself was the fact that I had to go down a needle size to get gauge.  It must be the yarn I’m using, because I am an infamously tight knitter.  For example, Brad finally had to give up wearing the first hat I knit for him.  I think it was cutting off the circulation to his head.  Did I mention that I am a tight knitter?

What’s the swatch for?  I’m starting my February Lady Sweater.  (Me and half the knitting bloggers in the blogosphere.)  I have been itching to knit it since the pattern debuted.  I bought a sweater’s worth of yarn at a going out of business sale a few months ago with the original intention of knitting the KPS hooded tunic.  I’ve since decided this would be way more fun.

I finished knitting my shawl last night!  I have yet to block it, though.  Maybe I’ll wait to give all the specs once I’ve done that and have some photos.  Now, I just have to find a space to block it.  Yikes.

Other, completely random, tidbits:

I feel the need to start wearing lipstick regularly.  An attempt to show the world that lipstick isn’t just for the socially conservative, pit bull types.  Even flaming liberal, Macalester College alumna can wear lipstick proudly.  I may be wearing clogs and jeans at the time, but nonetheless.  Come on ladies, grab your cruelty-free, vegan, organic lipstick tubes (100% post-consumer recycled plastic, of course) and wave them high!

I have been living in a house under siege by the plague.  Ok, not the plague, just a fever-inducing infection of some sort.  Two kids, two trips to the doctor and two antibiotic prescriptions, all in 4 days.  Woo-hoo.  Crossing my fingers we don’t make it 3.  Sarah has a well-child on Thursday, so if she does get it, maybe they’ll find it then and I’ll save on a co-pay.