Writer’s block.  Knitter’s block.  Sewer’s block.  Life block.

You would think that I would be feeling footloose and fancy-free these days.  The bigs went back to school last Tuesday and I managed to survive the start of the Sunday school year without major catastrophe.  The catastrophe came this week when my babysitter flaked out.  To be fair, she made a necessary addition to her class schedule that made watching Sarah while I work impossible.   Needless to say, this week has been a flurry of childcare inquiries.  Not much fun.  Not much work getting done either.  I’ll have to remedy that soon.

In some ways the creative flow has been very active.  The problem is that I am brimming with ideas but lacking the energy, when I can make the time, to do anything with those ideas.  The sewing machine is woefully neglected even though my to-sew list grows daily.

I have been enjoying the crisp fall weather.  When our CSA share arrived with the last few ears of corn and some more potatoes, I immediately thought to make corn chowder for dinner the next night.  With a double batch of biscuits as accompaniment, it made for a delicious meal.

I suppose I’ll take inspiration and follow-through wherever it may come.