Today, I went with a friend to pick up her CSA share. We took the two toddlers with us, hoping they would sleep. We stopped and got some icy coffee drinks and headed to the farm. She picked out her veggies while I stayed in the car chatting with her daughter, happy that mine was snoozing.

On the drive back, we noticed a large number of police blocking the street we would normally take to get to her house. Not entirely surprising given the relative proximity to the site of the RNC. We had seen multiple police on every corner earlier.

This was different though. Very different. Police in riot gear. At least one on his knee with some sort of weapon drawn. Facing off with a gathering group of protesters across the street. Some yelling.

More streets were blocked by riot police. We did eventually, make it to her house after a long detour and several minutes of animated chatter about what we’d just seen. We had goosebumps. Creepy, to say the least, with our sleepy babes in the back seat.

Turns out we missed the real action by mere moments. Watch the video. We are the white van that drives by right before the protesters start to cross the street.  Right before the police start firing tear gas.