Immediately after finishing my Little Red Riding Hood block, Brad decided he needed to try his hand. He sat down and sketched a heron. On the one hand, I can’t begrudge him, since the carving tools I’ve been using are his. I do, however, feel a little shown up by his freehand rendering.

I decided to try my hand with a bird, too. Something more realistic. A move away from my doodling. I had to study our copy of The Sibley Guide to Birds quite intensely in order to get close enough. Here’s my attempt at a black-capped chickadee, what do you think?

My ability to print them is thanks to Anna. She kindly loaned me her box o’ goodies: inks, brayer, baren, etc. I managed to restrain myself from printing immediately upon my return home at 11 pm, but pulled everything out at 7 am to give it a go. My birthday list is already a bit out of control, but these tools may have to be added to the list. Also, want to add Lotta Prints to that list. So. Much. Fun.

I’ve also been trying some watercolors for a touch of color.

I’ve pulled out the Sibley again and am studying a robin. And a loon. Ooo, maybe I should try a chicken.

I’m also refining Little Red, but haven’t printed her yet.

On a completely unrelated note, let me recount a conversation between Joshua and myself as we walked out of the pharmacy:

“What’s in the bag?”

“My medicines.”

“Why do you need medicine? Are you sick?”

“You might say that. One is for high blood pressure. The other one is so I am not sad all the time.”

“Sad? And mad?”

“Mad too, I guess.”

“Good. You are mad ALL the time.”


“I’m serious. You are.”

Feeling good right now. I’ll be in my room taking several Zoloft, if you need me.