I need to take up another craft like I need a giant hole in the head.  Nevertheless, I got a bee in my bonnet to try block printing.  On my trip to Dick Blick, I was tempted to purchase a starter kit, but resisted the temptation and just picked up some E-Z Cut Printing Blocks and mounted linoleum.  Brad has a set of Japanese woodblock carving tools that I am using, so I didn’t need to buy a linoleum handle and blades.

I am not skilled in the ways of drawing.  At best, I doodle:  hedgehogs, houses, trees, birds, etc.  Little Red Riding Hood has been a favorite doodle subject of late, so she became my first print subject, too.

She’s cute for a first try.  I am not loving the E-Z Cut.  It is too soft and crumbly.  I was a little afraid that the linoleum would be too hard, but based on the leaf I carved, I think I prefer the lino.  I plan to pick up some more of the linoleum and try Red again.  I was trying to manage printing with stamp pads, rather than messing with the ink, brayer, etc.  I think I will have to cave and get some ink and a brayer on the next supply run.

The good thing is that Brad is doing some carving too, so I can claim the supplies are for us both.  😉