Today we tried our hand at fern printing on t-shirts. I learned several important lessons:

1. Although a project involving hammers sounds like the ideal for a 5 year old boy, overzealous hammering can result in holes. Even on the backside

2. A crisp and clean fern print with children in charge of the hammer is probably not a realistic goal.

3. My children have a hard time getting the hammer head to strike flat, resulting in many crescent shaped blobs in the print.

4. Most important lesson: Kids love making stuff and they’ll wear these with pride – even if they don’t meet my exacting standards.

So, what did Joshua make yesterday?

A pirate, of course! If you can’t squint enough to recognize it as a pirate, you can check it out on Flickr for the annotated version. I’ve got to give it one or two more layers of varnish and then I think he’ll be sea worthy. At least enough to join the crew of the Playmobil pirate ship. Joshua’s new goal is to figure out how to give him a sword.