A golfer, I am most certainly not. I do, however, have a new use for golf tees. Check it out:

A golf tee + a temporary glue dot = a convenient way to hold a small wooden doll for painting and varnishing. These gals are drying after an application of varnish. The tees are stuck into an upside-down styrofoam bowl. I fancy myself pretty clever (for the moment).

I ordered a variety of wooden people from Casey’s a few months ago with the intention of letting the kids paint and embellish them. I also loved the idea of making a kit with the dolls, paper and fabric scraps to give as gifts a la Liesl. Alas, I have ended up hording them for myself to make wee kokeshi dolls.

I am not very adept at painting tiny faces, but I have learned to make friends with the sandpaper. I have lots of little scraps of Japanese papers and origami paper that I decoupage on as “kimono”. I have other ideas of ways to embellish them, but I want to concentrate on my painting skills for now. I just keep buying smaller and smaller brushes, hoping that it will help.

I did finally let the kids paint some of my the dolls today. I’ll try to get pictures tomorrow. Bet you can’t guess what Joshua made?