I have been anxiously awaiting the availability of oliver + s patterns. The designs are so lovely and graceful without being fussy. Once they were available, the biggest problem I had was deciding which one to sew first. I opted for the tea party sundress, but the puppet show tunic is high on my list too. Honestly, I was scared off from trying the puppet show pattern by the 3 out of 4 scissor rating for difficulty. I consider myself an advanced beginner and am a chicken when it comes to trying anything remotely difficult. I may have to get over it though. I am truly a sucker for a peter pan collar.

Here’s my first attempt at the sundress (sorry, I’m having trouble uploading the images, so you’ll have to check them out on flickr).  Not too bad. I had all sorts of fabric combinations in mind, but was feeling a bit gun shy. Basically, I wanted to make a test run so I could feel somewhat confident that I wasn’t going to screw it up. I pulled out a couple thrifted sheets and voila! Never mind the fact that Sarah will match some napkins I made a while ago…

Our recent trip to Memphis rekindled my need desire to learn smocking. My pipe dream is to be able to make a smocked dress for Lizzie for Christmas. It’s a beyond a long shot, but a girl can dream, right? Anyway, I reserved a few books from the library. We’ll see what I can glean from a book.