Three or four years ago we flew down to Memphis for spring break to visit my family. At some point during the flight, I noticed that Lizzie had a few red bumps on her hands. Weird, but probably no big deal. By that night, the poor thing was covered head to toe – hives. An allergic reaction to amoxicillin. Fast forward to last Saturday, soon after arriving in Memphis for spring break, I notice Joshua had a few red bumps on his hands. Yep, he was taking amoxicillin, too. Is there some weird chemistry between amoxicillin, airplane air and Memphis that brings out this reaction in my kids?

Coming home is always a potentially strange experience. Too many opportunities for those dysfunctional parent-child dynamics to play out. This trip, there have been fewer of those encounters and more of the surreal time warp type. I’m currently sharing my childhood bedroom with Sarah.  Childhood bedroom, not the one I claimed after my sister went to college.   This is the walk-in closet sized room in the center of the house with no windows to the outside.  The other night I found myself curled in bed reading by flashlight.  Strangely familiar.
I’ll leave you with a sampling of the book titles I’ve noticed around the house:

  • The Sheer Joy of Celestial Mechanics
  • Trigonometric Delights
  • Japanese Temple Geometry

Quick, go put them on your Amazon wish list!  You know you want to.