I’m sure you have all done it.  Gotten bored and started “googling” people.  Friends, relatives, yourself, people you haven’t talked to or even thought of in years.  I’m on a roll.  Found a few former boyfriends and lurked through their blogs, getting “caught up”.  It’s interesting to see what they are up to and how they are doing.  It is also fascinating and a little creepy to realize how easy it is to find people via the internet.

Here’s what I learned in my most recent time wasted spent on Google:

  • My maiden name yields someone who plays Lacrosse.
  • My married name yields someone who plays field hockey.  (Sadly, I played neither)
  • The only results from searching my married name that are actually me are related to my current job (blah, blah, blah, church, blah, blah).
  • A couple of my former boyfriends are married.
  • One of those has two super cute kids.
  • One former boyfriend seems to be perpetually stuck at age 21.  (yikes)

Tracking down people with whom you have had little to no contact with for years is pretty surreal.  My mental images of some of these people are frozen in time, circa 1991.  To see photos of their families, read about their careers, creative and academic pursuits is almost jarring.  Frankly, it is a bit jarring to think of myself circa 1991.

One thing is for sure, I like now a lot better than 1991.  (Especially now that the other 4 members of the household have stopped vomiting.)