Sometime in January, I made a list of things I want to make. I often have the craft equivalent of “eyes bigger than my stomach” so writing it all down seemed like a way to reign in my impulses. The good news: my list wasn’t nearly as long as I thought it would be. The bad news: I’m still adding to it. It is a give and take, really. For every one thing I accomplish, 2 or 3 more ideas are added. The most problematic part, at least according to my husband, is that I tend to be a bit too impulsive about buying supplies.  Are you saying that my craft budget shouldn’t be as big as our food budget? (That is a rhetorical question!)

A couple of items that have been crossed off the list are the all day tote, felt fairies and this table runner for my mom.


Once again, I used the Rubblework scarf pattern for the center and added a border. I used some of the fabric I had leftover from the runner I made my sister for Christmas. I got the border fabric on sale at a local quilt store. I really like the textural element it adds. I used the same fabric for the backing to make it reversible, at least in theory.

My sister’s birthday is coming up, soon after my mom’s. I haven’t quite finished her socks, but I hope to be able to get them in the mail on Monday. Fortunately, she has extremely small feet.


I would probably be finished with the socks it not for the siren song of my lap quilt, another item on The List. I have been wanting to make a quilt for myself for a while. I have made a small handful of quilts before, all crib size. The lap quilt is a step up for me, especially since I will be quilting by hand. Originally, I was going to try to use fabrics from my stash. I went to the quilt store to get the Yellow Brick Road pattern. That’s all. Just the pattern. Then a stack of sale fabrics found their way into my arms. Okay, that’s fine. A pattern and some sale fabrics, no problem. Then I was bewitched by the salesperson’s suggestion of making the YBR from this fabric line. It’s just 12 fat quarters! Rut roh. What did I say about problems with craft impulse control?