Expect an e-mail from me soon to get your mailing info. Can’t promise when the little gifties will arrive, but I assure you they are in the works.

I was on the receiving end of some very happy mail this week from Jen of swallowfield. She recently had a drawing to celebrate her blog-iversery and my friend Sarah was one of the lucky winners. Apparently, giving Sarah a boatload of grief over her good luck had the unintended effect of getting me a happy, too. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and all.

BTW, I don’t expect that tactic to work more than once. Don’t tell my kids that it worked at all. It might bring the veracity of parent lecture #47, “You don’t get what you want by whining” into question.

As predicted, the kids and I spent part of Friday making fairies. I guess it would be more accurate to say that Lizzie and I made fairies. Joshua wanted to make a pirate (surprising, isn’t it?). His patience ran out long before the dread pirate was actualized (also, surprising, right?)  Sadly, I did not get a photo of Lizzie’s completed fairy before she was promptly gifted to a friend. Lizzie is more generous with her fairies than I have been thus far. Here is my latest: