It has been a year since I first posted here in my own little corner of the blogosphere. I’ll never be the darling of the craft blog world, but it’s really nice to have a record of my year in craft. My love affair with sock knitting has continued. I’ve also reacquainted myself with my sewing machine and am working to further develop my skills. There is so much inspiration out there, it is hard not to keep trying new things and trying to improve others. Wonder what the next year has in store?

I can’t predict what crafts are to come, but the past week has been all about bags. Really, just one bag in particular. I have been dreaming about a new bag for months. It started with the all-day tote from Simple Sewing. It is so roomy and has nice, clean lines. I, however, needed something with longer straps and a closure. I also wanted something with a bit more structure. After dreaming, drawing and fondling fabric for weeks, I finally took the plunge. I combined measurements and instructions for the all-day Tote with a messenger bag tutorial I found here. I used peltex for the first time and credit the positive results to this tutorial from disdressed. I can only imagine the string of expletives that would have been in use had I not had Liesl’s helpful hints.



Not bad, eh? There are things I would change and there are plenty of wonky spots, but overall it fits the bill. I took it to church (a.k.a. work) this morning full of the contents of my purse, my knitting, work-related books and diaper accoutrements. If only my laptop would fit in there, I’d be able to go to work with one bag, rather than my usual 3 or 4. Sounds like another project to me…

In a shameless ploy to get people to comment, I am offering a little giftie or two to celebrate my blogaversary. Leave a comment by Friday, January 25 and (assuming there is more than one commenter), I’ll draw a name and send off a couple little goodies. What will you get? You’ll just have to wait and see.