I’ve talked some about the gifts we gave for Christmas, but have neglected to brag share the highlights of receiving.

Here is a hint:


Yeah, I didn’t get it either. Apparently, Hal Jordan was the “real” name of the comic book hero, Green Lantern. Had I known that, I could have guessed that the enclosed gift was a necklace from Green Lantern Glass. Ain’t it purty??


I first saw these at No Coast Craft-O-Rama. Sarah, Abby and I stood around for a while ooggling them. Having already purchased slightly more than intended I had to step away from the table. I went home and promptly handed Sabrina’s business card to Brad. Just a suggestion… I was expecting that he would just get whatever was available from her Etsy shop. Instead, in a remarkable feat of secrecy, he gathered information from Abby and Sarah to best describe my favorite from the craft show and had an ongoing e-mail discussion with Sabrina. This one was made just for me:


He may not bring me flowers, but he’s a keeper. Don’t you think?

The other big gift was a new camera. It was far from a surprise, but I did ask Brad to go purchase it so I didn’t have to sit through Christmas morning with 2 things to open and money burning a hole in my pocket. As happy as I am that we received enough (collectively) to buy this wonderful hunk of consumer electronics, it is not as exciting to just open envelopes containing checks on Christmas morning. I have plenty of work to do to learn the ropes and be able to really use it to its fullest, but I love it!