I spent a large part of last night’s tv viewing sitting on the floor cutting out squares and rectangles for Rubblework Scarves. Kathy‘s pattern is simple and lovely and is playing a large role in my gift-making this year. I made this one last week:


I ended up choosing to topstitch around the perimeter. I used polar fleece for the backing and it needed a little help to lay flat. This was a decision that followed a small mishap with the iron and the polar fleece. The topstitching is a bit wonky, but I am hoping the patterns will be distracting enough that people don’t notice too much.

The fruits of last night’s cutting are waiting to be made into teacher gifts.  Do you think teachers will mind that they are all getting identical scarves?


I am also using the pattern to make a table runner for my sister and her husband. I have most of the piecing done and I am pretty excited about it. I splurged on some lovely Japanese fabrics.  I can’t wait to show it off when I have it all assembled!