I bought this coat and hat for Sarah last winter, knowing that it would be almost a year before she could use it. Even hanging in the closet, it made me smile to see it. Imagine my glee when she wore it for the first time.  I think Sarah knows how cute she is in this ensemble, because this is the only hat that she will keep on her head!


It must have been the coat, but I’ve had cherry blossoms on the brain for the past couple of weeks. Initially, I was thinking of a garland – white and pink felt blossoms. As I played around, I decided it should be a mobile. I also had the idea of needle felting some pink roving onto the white blossom. Not bad for a prototype, eh?


Next time I think I will add more blossoms and some leaves. Maybe, play around with the balance to give it more motion.

Another project I’ve been experimenting with is baby leg warmers. I love Baby Legs and we own several pair. When I got the itch to go buy a couple more pair, it finally dawned on me that I could make some.   I didn’t really have a plan, I just started knitting. I was debating whether to just knit a tube or add some shaping. Sarah voted for shaping and so I did. So far, I’ve knit three pair. They have each been an experiment with different yarn and form. The first were knit in fingering weight from the top down. I decreased around the calf. I just k2t a few times over a couple rounds. The second pair were knit in worsted weight from the bottom up. This time I was a bit more thoughtful about the placement of the increases and I think they looked nicer.


The most recent pair were a gift for a friend’s new baby. Knit in DK weight from the top down. I have a few changes planned for the next pair but I think I am narrowing in on an actual pattern of sorts. Then, I am going to try some different stitch patterns or maybe colorwork….