What was the wee one for Halloween? A very cute baby, with a totoro hat tossed to her side. I saw the pattern at Hello Yarn and couldn’t resist. So cute! The pattern was quick and fun to knit – very clever construction. I was going to add the facial features, but I ran out of time.


It is really just as well that I didn’t embellish it. Sarah kept the hat on just long enough to snap the photo. Any subsequence attempt to put it on her head was rebuffed with increased speed. Baby, the Minnesota winter is going to be especially frustrating for you!

The crappy polyester pirate pants almost did me in, after all. Joshua split the crotch on Sunday. I managed to procrastinate until right before trick or treating on Wednesday at which time they got caught in my sewing machine! I couldn’t extract them and ended up cutting them off the machine and hand-stitching the now-much-larger hole. Only one thing to say, ARRRRR!



The kids came home from trick or treating with pounds upon pounds of candy. We try to stick to a one piece per day rule. This stash could easily last past Christmas, if not for the strictly enforced candy tax. Yes, folks, we are tax and spend liberals around here. Or, should I say, tax and eat? It is all for the common good!!