Kids can be pretty unpredictable at times, but there are a few things about Joshua that you can count on:

  • He will always eat rice and tofu (and be excited about it).
  • He will wear his pajamas all day and night, if allowed.
  • He will find a way to read about, draw or play pirate every day.

Hmmm, I wonder what Joshua will want to be for Halloween this year???


“Ahoy thar, me hearties! I be a pirate now.”

I wasn’t going to do much sewing for his costume, but then I saw the red and white fabric and couldn’t resist. I was a little afraid of the crappy slippery polyester fabric. It didn’t defeat me, but I won’t be sewing with it again anytime soon. It may suck to sew with but it makes some pretty rockin’ pirate pants, don’t you think?

The wool felt for the hat helped make up for the polyester. I started to make the hat with craft felt, but didn’t like the feel of it. Not to mention, I was sure it would not stand up to the amount of play for which it is destined in this house.


Not very pirate-y, but a pretty cute model, eh?

The skull and crossbones scarf and the hook were both gifts. Abby found the scarf at H&M and couldn’t resist.  It has been a mainstay of play ever since.

I bought the hook, on behalf of my sister, just before Joshua’s birthday. Despite his presence in the store, I managed to buy it without him noticing. (He was too busy changing from a pirate costume into a Viking costume at the time.) When he opened his presents on his birthday he exclaimed, “How did they ever know that I wanted this hook?!?”