In an attempt to avoid a mad rush to Target on October 30th, I started working on Halloween costumes a few weeks ago. I started with Lizzie’s since it required the most work from scratch. Lizzie decided she wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder. Admittedly, I planted the seed, but didn’t realize how into the idea she would become. Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that she could be insisting on dressing as a Bratz character or puffy, pink, princess poo-poo. I am thrilled to be sewing prairie clothes.

Lizzie is very well-versed in the Little House stories. We started reading the picture books when she was around 2 years old. Once we decided on Laura, she set about looking through our books to decide exactly what her costume should entail. Should it be more like Going to Town or Winter Days in the Big Woods? We went to the fabric store and she picked a blue calico. All the official prairie girl costume patterns called for set-in sleeves to which I said, “Not a chance”! I used Simplicity 3610. This is just more proof that simple patterns with the right fabric choice can yield great results.

After the dress I tackled the pinafore. At least that was my intention…
“Laura doesn’t wear a pinafore, she wears an apron. I just want an apron.”

“Bu, bu, bu, but the pinafore is so cute and I just bought this pattern!!”

The “discussion” quickly spiraled downward until there were three adults and a 7 year old battling it out with no fewer than a dozen books (picture books and full-length books) strewn about the living room floor.

“Look, here she is wearing a pinafore!”

“That’s not a pinafore, it doesn’t go all the way around in back!”

Eventually it dawned on me that an apron would be WAY easier to make! So, I abandoned the pinafore pattern and turned to my handy, dandy copy of Bend-the-Rules Sewing. Whipped out an apron in an afternoon. I just used muslin. Slightly stained muslin, at that. I figure it adds a hint of authenticity.

Next up, a bonnet. Another opportunity for Amy Karol cuteness. Unfortunately, I am not a mailorder member, but I ordered the bonnet pattern when the reprint became available recently. The corduroy I used was too heavy, but I made it work. It is a bit wonky in places, but good enough for Halloween.