I have a growing love for bird images. They are rising in the ranks to contend with hedgehogs and elephants in the kawaii (cute) quotient. When we decorated the nursery for Sarah, we included a bird mobile (a family favorite) and framed prints from this set. I have been adding bird fabrics to my stash at an alarming rate and have only the vaguest notion of what I will do with them. A swatch portrait to add to the nursery, perhaps?

I made thank you cards for Sarah’s birthday:


And a t-shirt as a birthday present for one of Lizzie’s friends:


I originally sized the images to use on a onesie for Sarah. Clearly the issue of scale escaped me when I decided to use them on a t-shirt for an 8 year old. The branch is painted on with a freezer paper stencil and the bird and leaves are applique. I am really loving the combination of the stencil and applique techniques (thanks for the inspiration, Sarah).

I embroidered this little tree + birds recently, too.


What’s next? Maybe elephants (like here, here or here).