Joshua was a little nervous about going to school this morning.  He was sad that he didn’t know any of the kids in his class and nervous that he didn’t remember what his teacher looked like.  All of those nerves were quickly overcome when the bus arrived.  He didn’t even turn around to give me a hug or kiss.  Just ran up the steps to the bus and made himself comfortable.

Sarah, on the other hand, didn’t adjust so easily.  I have hired a babysitter to watch her for 10 hours a week while I work.  Sarah may not be as intense as Lizzie or as busy as Joshua, but she has the same persistence and stamina.  She screamed for the vast majority of 2 hours.  I kept thinking she was calming down.  No such luck.  I did go and comfort and nurse her a couple times.  What would have happened if I had signed her up for a daycare? I know that she will get used to Shannon and eventually be excited to play with her.  I also know that she will survive the interim.  The real question is, will I?