I finally finished the pair of Embossed Leaves socks. Aren’t they fetching with my new orange Chuck Taylors?  This may be my bold new look for fall.


I blocked them on my handy-dandy blockers.


Brad found this tutorial on making your own. He couldn’t find plastic placemats, so he substituted foam core. We’ll see if they suffer more wear and tear than placemats. For now, they are great and I am a true convert to blocking socks!

The only other crafting that’s been happening around here are a couple Simple Bibs from Bend the Rules Sewing.  These are addictive. Instant gratification crafting. I want to make a ton of them, but should decide who they are going to, so I don’t try to keep them all. We have plenty of bibs.


Sarah tries to decide what to eat next: tofu, rice or peas?  She loves them all!