I made something!  Well, I’ve slowly started to crawl out of the rut. Lizzie was invited to yet another birthday party last weekend. The previous several parties she attended were immediately preceded by mad-dash trips to Creative Kidstuff or the like. This time, I decided that we could plan ahead and I could make something (quite a concept, don’t you think?). Nothing elaborate, but I was pleased with the results:


Before I made anything, I asked Lizzie if she thought her friend would like a skirt and shirt like the ones I had made for her. “Sure. (long pause) Are you going to make them for her?” Yes. “WOW, that’s really nice!” I don’t know if her friend appreciated it, but Lizzie seemed to.

After a Harry Potter-induced crafting hiatus, I am back to the sewing machine with a new stack of fabric.


I have yet to decide what I’ll do with the kokeshi fabric (top of the stack), but I could not leave the store without it. Sarah kept playing with it and “talking” to it. Her infatuation with the fabric was quite amusing to all present in the store.