I have officially jumped on the shirring bandwagon. I was totally inspired by Erin‘s dresses and tops.ย  I am, however, a lot lazier than Erin and, alas, did not end up following her beautiful tutorial. I used fabric that I picked up at Goodwill (6 yards for $3), cut to an approximate length and sewed one seam to make a tube. Hemmed the tube at the top and bottom. Then, with elastic thread in the bobbin, I started to sew a spiral around the tube. This lazy version definitely has its drawbacks, specifically it does not allow for adjusting the gathers. Laziness is a bitch. Oh well, Lizzie seems to like it:

It fits Sarah as a dress, too. I think I will be making more of these soon.

Another spoil from my adventures pilfering Grandma’s sewing bins is this smock.

It is very sweet and the design is brilliant! It is one (rectangular) piece. I am itching to start replicating the design and will happily share via a tutorial (should anyone be interested).

I decided that I needed a new project for World-Wide-Knit-In-Public Day. The lace project is not conversation-friendly.ย  While a few of us enjoyed a sunny afternoon on the patio at Patrick McGovern’s, I started a cabled sock from this handy-dandy sock book. I am using some KnitPicks Essential sock yarn from my stash and am enjoying the yarn. Straightforward, no frills and soft.