I just finished sewing aprons for my sister and her husband. These will accompany a cookbook as an anniversary present later this month. Even though “Mrs. Perfect” (the Micheal Miller fabric I used) is ironic in any case, I think it is especially so with my sister in mind. Celia would be the first to admit that she is not very domestic. She is a professor of math education with a research focus in Critical Race Theory (your eyes are glazing over now, I can tell).  When she cooks it is more for subsistence than enjoyment.  She is FAR from the 1950’s ideal housewife! (For the record, so am I, but in a tattooed feminist who likes to cook, sew, and knit kind of way.)  I am very amused by my gift, I just hope they will be too!

When I cast on for the Kimono Lace Shawl, I was using the only 24 inch U.S. 6 needles I had – Addi Turbos. I love these needles. I love how smooth they are, the join, even the heft of them. This is the first fine lace project I’ve knit with them and I quickly understood the demand from lace knitters that Skacel produce something less stumpy. After the first repeat (of 25) I was convinced that the new Addi lace needles might be worth the investment. I called around and found the right size at a LYS and picked them up that evening. Sometimes having the right tool for the job really does make a difference.

Overall, I am loving these needles. The only cons so far stem from my own quirky issues. There is a bit more drag with these needles (a pro for lace knitting), but I am extremely sensitive to the sound of metal scraping metal, so it becomes a con for me. I am also hyper sensitive to the smell of metal, especially brass, on my fingers (so much so that I avoid touching door knobs and keys as much as possible).  Like I said, 100% my own quirky issues.  These issues won’t stop me from spending some quality time working on the shawl tomorrow (world-wide-knit-in-public-day)!